Description Construction of 60 public housing units in Albi

LocationAlbi (Tarn)

Program Construction of 60 public housing units

Owner Tarn Habitat

Architect (prime contractor) Jean-Marie Pettès (SARL Sagnes & Pettès)

Tech. Rch. Dept. Laumond Faure (Toulouse)

Assignment Sketch competition

Schedule Sketch 2004

Gross surface area 7,571 m2

60 public housing units - Albi

The operation is located in a dense, diversified, older suburb of the city of Albi, at the meeting point of 19th century aligned townhouses and a more recent quarter, which includes large, disperse, public facilities (secondary school, local government archives)

We decided to apply a the concept of detached multi-family house, opting for individual, two or three-level buildings, offering a transitional scale, well suited to the surrounding constructions.

The volume of each building is divided into two more modest entities, designed around a common stairway. Each multi-family house provides units for 6 to 8 families maximum. This individualized house concept induces a more agreeable social and community life style. We believe that such an approach improves residents’ comfort, and consequently favors respect and appropriation of the premises.

The exterior space consists of a peripheral access road, with parking at the foot of each building, and a central, landscaped pedestrian zone. Within the structure offered by the roadway design and the alignment of trees, we position each house on the site in such a way as to favor a varied, individualized perception of the site and buildings, with total permeability of the space.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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