Description U.R.S.S.A.F. du Tarn

Location Puygouzon / Albi (Tarn)

Programme Building of the new administrative headquarters of the U.R.S.S.A.F. 81 - (3 500 m2 of offices)

Client U.R.S.S.A.F

Architects Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)
 Reine Sagnes (representative - Lavaur)
 Puig Pujol Associés (Toulouse)

Tech. Rch. dept.  Tassera (Toulouse)

Economist Maurice Faurie (Albi)

Assignment Complete

Planning Invitation for proposal January 2004
  Studies, development work and validations 2004 / 2005
  Delivery 2009

Building of the Tarnís U.R.S.S.A.F.

To build an administrative building in the heart of a commercial area is highly challenging since this programme has been under budgeted, and incredibly long and complex internal  validation procedures  do not favour inventive answers.

The global concept is simple : it aims to reconcile functional efficiency and maximum modularity with a steep, cramped site (every feasible solution has been explored).

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
10 Grand Rue 81500 LAVAUR - FRANCE - Tél. 33(0)5 63 58 27 52 - Fax 33(0)5 63 58 36 93