Description Development of the Agout embankments

Location Castres (Tarn)

Programme Development of the embankments :

 • car park (Tourcaudière & Carras)
  • landing stage (MIlhau Ducommun)
  • market (Miredames)

Client Mairie de Castres

Représentative architect Jean-Marie Pettès (SARL Sagnes & Pettès)

Artistic direction Gérard Tine

Tech Rch dept SISA / BET (Toulouse)

Assignment Complete (in accordance to MOP law)

Planning 11/88 (fin chantier 1ère tranche)
  11/92 (fin chantier 2ème tranche)

Area 500 linear metres façade (on two banks), 1 200 m2 concerned

Development of the Agout river embankments - Castres

The developement of the town centre embankments comes within the framework of the reclaiming of the Agout river banks by the city of Castres.

A simple treatment and repetitive figures have been chosen to contrast with the variety, picturesque and chromatic richness of the “houses on the Agout”.

To harmonize with both the hydraulic rules which imposed openwork façades as well as the concept of a pedestal supporting the town, white concrete and grey granite alternate in a layered pattern.

Coloured layers emphasize this reading : the cold monochrome of the pedestal (or river banks) versus the chromatic variety of the town above.

Only the market created on the « quai Miredames” makes the town functions go down to the rivers banks. Coloured wood completes then the granite / white concrete pattern.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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