Description Single-family house

LocationTarn (France)

Program Construction of an eco-responsible and low-energy house

Owner Private individual

Architect Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Tech. Rch. Dept. structure Terrell & Maurette (Toulouse)

Tech. Rch. Dept. fluids Technisphère (Toulouse)

Assignment Complete

Schedule Studies 2009 - construction 2010

Gross surface area 238 m2

Net surface area 185 m2


Eco-responsible and low-energy Serpentine villa

This project for a single-family dwelling seeks to capitalize on an undeveloped site which has the peculiarity of being surrounded by the well-groomed landscaping of a golf course

The angled contours of this home may call to mind an animal, such as a salamander snaking among the numerous trees. This design preserves the trees and capitalizes on the site’s dual character, while highlighting views of the under wood and pond that blend with the parcel. Nature, present on all sides, penetrates right into the house, thanks to the mobile glass partitions, creating a quite modular space and enabling a fish and lily pond to be incorporated into the living area.

The façade’s taut horizontal bands of black zinc elongate the structure’s silhouette, providing a counterpoint to the vertical cadence of the poplar and silver birches. Opaque walls alternate with the wide glass panels, giving rhythm to the “animal,” as it raises its head above the pond.

The project was developed to harmonize with the site and its natural surroundings. The wood-framed, extra-insulated building opens to the south-southeast, and exceeds BBC energy standards, while aiming to minimize its ecological footprint and compensates for its heat pump’s power consumption through the use of a photovoltaic membrane on the roof.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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