Description House of the Sidobre Val d’Agout communes community / Vialavert II

Location Vialavert, Le Bez (Tarn)

Programme Building of the Sidobre Val d’Agout communes community house

Client Sidobre Val d’Agout communes community

Architect (représentative) Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Tech Rch dept for structure Terrell Group (Toulouse)

Tech Rch dept for Thermique Eliosystem (Lombez)

Assignment Complete (« Mop » french law)

Planning Delivery July 2011

Gross leasable area Initial programme 350 m2 - Possible expansion 150 m2


House of the Sidobre Val d'Agout communes community Vialavert II


"Mineral balance"

In contrast to the Sidobre House, a public place with a “fluid” form (reception and communication purpose, for informal and business-oriented tourism), we have the headquarters of the Sidobre Val d’Agout communes community, made for political and technical activity, which needs standing back and concentration. Its volumes are simple and compact. The “political” floor is coated with polished granite, while the ground floor, the “technical” one, is dressed in raw granite.

An environmentally sensitive project, this building meets the client’s strong hopes of setting up a building which could be viewed as an example in its relationship with the environment (boiler supplied with wood bars produced on the site, canadian well coupled with a sophisticated ventilation system, good general insulation by faced walls, and sun protection).

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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