Description Indoor, inter-community multi-sport complex

Location Saint-Flour (Cantal)

Program Creation of an indoor low-energy sports complex (team sports, climbing, dojo)

Owner Saint-Flour inter-community district

Architect (prime contractor) Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Landscape architects Site & Architecture (Aurillac)

Tech Rch Dept structuralTerrell & Maurette (Toulouse)

Tech Rch Dept fluids Herbault (Figeac)

Assignment Bidding

Indoor, low-energy multi-sport complex – Saint-Flour

The site is located on the basalt piton on which the old city is built, and opens onto the superb landscapes of Saint Flour. Our proposal leverages the site’s telluric forcefulness and the surrounding natural setting. The image of an upward thrust of tectonic plates driven by a flow of magma corresponds to our project, in which three large, folded roof gardens emulate the landscape, while providing a shelter to contain the excitement of national handball matches.

The dynamics expressed by the roof structure do not in any way hinder the soberness and efficiency of a plan which strives for functionality above all.

The project complies with low-energy building standards and seeks to play an eco-responsible role through extensive use of locally produced lumber products, extra insulation and precise management of the facilities. The performance level has made it possible to freely design the facades of the complex and the area set aside for martial arts, made of polished concrete incorporating black lava rock to adorn the vertical surfaces.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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