Description Restructuring-extension of Odette & Gaston Vedel primary school

Location Saint Paul Cap de Joux (Tarn)

Program Building of a low-energy consumption extension of 3 classrooms & of a play-school centre
  Restructuring of the existing scool complex.

Owner Municipality of Saint Paul Cap de Joux

Architect Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Assignment Complète (M2)

Planning Studies / plans 2009 – Construction in progress

Gross surface area756 m2

Net floor area New : 435 m2 – Restructured : 350 m2

AwardsSpecial mention Midi Pyrénées architectural awards 2012

Low-energy primary school – Saint Paul Cap de Joux

Our company designed and built the primary school in St Paul Cap de Joux 15 years ago. We have now been entrusted by the municipality with the project of extending and restructuring the same school.
The municipality wished the project to reflect its commitment to ecology and to be an example for the rural community of St Paul and surroundings.

Our project beats the performance of “low energy” buildings (BBC) almost attaining the “passiv-haus” standard for energy efficienc. This is due to its large wooden framework and high levels of insulation. Larges south facing bay windows equipped with electric shutters optimize solar gain.

From an architectural point of view, the use of large console beams to suspend the roof of the covered playgrounds creates a light open space which enjoys maximum security due to the absence of supporting pillars. On the play-ground side of the building, the cladding is in white hardened glass. The other facades are in douglas pine, the pattern of which creates a feeling of vibe.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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