Description Nursery / stopover day-care center

Location Gaillac (Tarn)

Program Construction of a nursery, and rehabilitation of a building classified as a historical monument

Owner Tarn & Dadou inter-community district

Architect (prime contractor) Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Tech. Rch. Dept. structure Terrell & Maurette (Toulouse)

Tech. Rch. Dept. fluids Math Ingénierie (Toulouse)

Economist Jean-Marie Chertemps (Busque)

Assignment Complete (basic + scheduling, construction management and coordination)

ScheduleStudies 2007 - construction 2010

Gross surface area 700 m2

Nursery / stopover day-care center - Gaillac

Rehabilitation of a historical monument

This project involves rehabilitation of the historic orangery in the De Foucault chateau park (classified as a historical monument) and the creation of an extension to install a nursery with a capacity to accommodate 46 children. In addition to the remarkable architectural heritage (18th century with corresponding adornments), the project is in an outstanding urban site, located near the magnificent historic center of the city of Gaillac, bordering the Tarn River.

In harmony with the adornments and cornice moldings of the orangery’s massive walls, the extension proposes a sober, low-set volume, in which the light walls feature facades of woven copper strips. Two covered terraces prolong the interior space and open onto views of the chateau park and the river.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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