Description Building of a passive house (first home)

Location Hossegor (Landes)

Programme Building of a family house

Owner Private

Architect Jean-Marie Pettčs (if architecture)

Assignement Complete (in accordance with 1985 M.O.P. law)

Planning Preliminary design 2006 - works 2011

Habitable area 135 m2 (terraces 95 m2)

Passive house - Hossegor

The programme : a family house in a natural wilderness setting.

The answer : a large cabin with an observation platform which offers the occupants the whole beauty of a forest site while not disturbing it.

Everything here intends to preserve nature : no fences, no tree felling, no excavations, no drainage dumping into the river, recycling of purified water and use of collected rain and spring water. Moreover, the construction sits on buried footings in order not to disturb the water table beneath.

The result is a passive house, which uses solar radiant heat and both calories and frigories from the ground (canadian well), with a highly efficient ventilation system and the most effective insulation.

The simple architecture aims to gently integrate the house with the forest undergrowth, while protecting it by a smooth Red Cedar skin, with a lovely automnal colour. The steel-covered roof will not trap any leaves in this dense undergrowth.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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