“If Architecture” is a limited liability architectural firm (SARL) with a young, contemporary focus, driven by a genuine desire to serve human needs. Though founded in 2006, the firm nevertheless benefits from the twenty years of independent experience of its founder and manager, Jean-Marie Pettès.
Evoking contemporary architecture means first and foremost considering the aspects of encounter, desire, creation, the art of good living, as well as materials, society, functions and resources.
The determination to avoid stereotypes and formalistic reflexes necessarily leads to dialogue and greater reciprocal understanding. Both the client and the architect, each bringing assets and expectations, can then engage in a real creative endeavor. We symbolize that encounter and necessary mutual questioning focused on a project by the name we have chosen for our firm -- IF. This "if" does not express worry and doubts; on the contrary it affirms our intention and capacity for mutual exploration to establish the foundations for new and pertinent architectural creation.

The convergence of people, a place and a project should stimulate desire, which in fact represents the vector of creativity. In architecture, this process translates into shapes, borders, materials, and investments, as well as the mastery of both technical and economic skills which must form the basis of the project and remain an accompanying factor through completion.
The essential architectural desire must not be encumbered by impasses and approximations. Consequently, we believe that strict professionalism must lie at the foundation of our profession in practice. For the past 10 years, a quality approach has provided the framework for our activities (AFAQ construction quality standards), enabling us to emphasize extensive technical and economic mastery, as well as efficient follow-up of our projects during the construction phase.

The quest for optimality centered on a solid understanding of the client’s expectations within a given context underlies our resolutely contemporary architectural approach in seeking to provide well-controlled, calm and harmonious responses.


To sum up our approach, we can say that it is based on three moments :

  • Attentive listening and analysis.
  • Translation of expectations into an inventive form.
  • Well mastered execution.

In recent years, in addition to these three fundamental phases, we have added post-reception follow-up of the buildings which we deliver, in order to ensure the functionality, energy efficiency, and operating costs, and to draw lessons from them which can benefit our new projects.

This latest aspect demonstrates our agency's ethics in the area of ecological responsibility. Given our long-standing strong commitments in this area, we feel that it is essential to possess the necessary competencies to fully satisfy our clients' expectations realistically and open-mindedly.

We can therefore state that our architectural approach aims at "eco--responsibility."

See eco-responsibility, and eco--responsible projects.

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