Description Secondary school at Noé for 600 students, possible extension to 700

Location Noé (Haute Garonne)

Program Construction of a 700 student secondary school

Owner Haute Garonne General Council

ArchitectsBruno Mader (representative) - (Paris)
 Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Tech Rch DeptBeterem ingénierie (Toulouse) : all building trades 

Schedule Bidding 2009

Gross surface area6257 m2

Secondary school 700 students - No

This rather inhospitable site, located on the alluvial plain of the Garonne River is approximately equidistant from three rural villages. To counter this rather atypical situation, we wanted to offer a welcoming atmosphere by creating an "oasis" on this plain battered by the wind and the summer sun.

The secondary school, built on three levels with a U-shaped plan, favoring an inner space well protected from the winds, yet opened to the hilly landscape to the southeast. The regular rhythm of the louver sunscreen on the upper level gives a unified image, ensuring the legibility of this public facility. The use of wood in the upper-level evokes the fir forests at the source of the Garonne. The river stones in gabion baskets which form the base express a local anchor in the main bed of the river. The project was developed to give extreme passive resistance to the rigors of the climate, both in winter and summer. The building uses the abundant water table as a source of energy. Therefore as a place of learning, the building itself provides the students with an educational example of respect for the environment.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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