Description Leasure and granite promotion area Vialavert I

LocationVialavert - Le Bez (France)

ProgramHouse of Sidobre (exhibit and offices) and park

Client SIVOM du Sidobre

Architect Jean-Marie Pettès (conception representative, project manager) - (SARL Sagnes & Pettès)

Assignment Complete (in accordance to 1985 M.O.P. law)

Planning Delivery 1996 (building only - Park not realized)

Gross leasable area326 m2

Gross surface area605 m2

AwardsNational AMO award 1998
 Tarn architectural award 1998
 Midi Pyrenees architectural award 2001

Sidobre House : Vialavert I - Le Bez

Materiality and abstraction

The interest of this project lies in its contemporary and symbolic nature, illustrated by all the different ways of using granite.

The local material is surprisingly highlighted : “grey of Tarn” covers the pleated roof of the building, whose underside turns into a “heating stone ceiling”.

The lightness of this implementation draws the visitor “under” the stone, provoking an amazing tension between the ground, stone-treated as well, and this gleaming, enigmatic ceiling.
The  density  of  the  unsupported  stone  stretching  14 m is further  complemented by  the  apparent thiness  of  the  slab
(40 cm).

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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