Description TISSEO S.M.T.C Reconstruction of the Langlade bus depot

Location Langlade Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)

Program Reconstruction of the operations and maintenance center for 360 city buses

Owner Tisseo S.M.T.C.

Architect representative Jean-Marie Pettès (SARL Sagnes & Pettès)

Tech. Rch. Dept. SATO & Associés (Paris)

Assignment Competition based on sketch

Planning Sketch 09 / 2003

Gross surface area 17 000 m2 - workshops - 10 000 m2 offices - 12 000 m2 heavy vehicle parking -
 55 000 m2 plus parking and heavy vehicle roadways

TISSEO bus depot - Toulouse

Reconstruction of the bus Operations and Maintenance Center, destroyed by the AZF chemical plant explosion in 2001, provides TISSEO-SMTC with an opportunity to build modern, efficient, economical and ergonomic facilities, which take into account new lifestyles and respect environmental requirements. Our team suggested three functional entities :

  • organizing the workshop building according to the "forward motion" principle
  • for the office building and heavy vehicle parking, establishing one administrative level overlooking the site above three parking levels and two levels of service premises : a new concept of a vertical multi-functional building was developed in order to cope with the extreme  density of  infrastructures on the site.
  • the parking area for 360 buses with one-way lanes to surface facilities (washing, refueling, etc).
if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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