Description Single-family house

LocationTarn (France)

Program Construction of single-family house

Owner Private individual

Architect Jean-Marie Pettès (if architecture)

Assignment Complete

Schedule Studies 2012 - construction 2013

Gross surface area 272 m2

Villa M

Flat and little raised in its major part, all the interest of the ground lived in its topographic location bording and overhanging a river.
Declined in the shape of a very open U in front of the richly raised bank which it overhangs, the villa turns the back in the neighbouring constructions and opens its rest areas on a wide patio sheltering from the look its swimming pool and creating an intimate place faced to the savage.
The wing northwest shelters the technical zones of the villa and comes to free(frank) itself from the ground, placing the office in position of rise with regard to waters of the river and opening by a wide bay a view on the mature trees.
On the contrary, the wing southwest dedicated to the night space comes to bury itself and gives to the also widely glazed parental suite, the feeling to dive towards the soothing water.
Ample, crossed and opened up, the place of life assures the transition between the flat and open ground and the space richer in the patio, whereas a moucharabier settled in the entry indicates this one, and allows to filter the views on the kitchen.

if architecture - Jean-Marie Pettès
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